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I like carrots. Nope, I loooove carrots. They fit so nicely in my chubby hamster cheeks. (I think hamster?

A selection of funny animal number 3 … | CrazyFunDays - Selection of the best humorous photos and videos on the Internet

"escaped" hamster found in the popcorn bowl.I feel the same way about it!


Ignore the fact that the baby Platypus is actually a baby penguin and the baby Beaver is something other than a baby Beaver.

So tiny...So cute!

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o.O....  OMG

Unexpectedly Funny Things to do with Hamsters When You're Bored ~ The Ark In…

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Hamster on a little swing. Need I say more Needle felt mouse or hamster place on swing

MISLEADING: Pinned as "guinea pig" this is actually the animated character "Hurley" from the movie G-Force. http://www.hellokids.com/c_16943/news/g-force-coloring-pages-meet-all-the-characters

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Praying animals, All creatures great and small. The Lord God made them all. Some, such as I, were created small and adorable.

No Reason at All

Are you stressed? Why yes, I'm a bit stressed. Why do you ask? Your hair! Oh no i am just having a bad hair day!

Animal Pictures and Photos: A man and his bears

A man and his bears

This man rescued a Grizzly Bear cub and raised it, now the bear pretty much thinks he's a human too. quite amazing actually

Squirrel who comes every day for nuts…

Sweet little guy!Squirrel who comes every day for nuts // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

everything looks so cute when they're tiny :]


Cutest baby animals ever! The Chameleon and puffer fish! And the Hedgehog!


Oh! Oh my! Animals Having The Best Moments Of Their Entire Lives. Your Cheeks Will Hurt From Smiling So Much

cute kitty - Поиск в Google

Such a sweet baby kitten! Give mi a kiss

aww that look`s just like my hamster zoozoo

A hamster with a cheese cracker in its mouth.

No, not a pika but a tiny baby field mouse every bit as cute | Stay out of the house. Don't chew on the patio furniture. Watch out for the cats. Look for the strawberries and have fun.

Pikas Will Bring You Flowers

American Pika gathering plants to make "hay" that can be saved to eat during the winter. These things are so adorable! And they say "pika!

Adorable Baby Animals Eating

30 Happiest Facts Ever

I like carrots. Nope, I loooove carrots. They fit so nicely in my chubby hamster cheeks. (I think hamster?