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If aot featured snapchat :)))

HAWWWT Attack on Titan ~ Levi x Eren ~ Ereri<<<<< my first thought was ew man buns


Read Chapter 8 - Explain from the story Mine (Ereri Fanfiction/Smut) by fanfixqueen (Nostalgic/Fangirl🐋) with reads.

MarcoxJean-AoT/SnK Well that escalated quickly XD

Jean x Marco Oh yeah, I ship this now baby.<<< But to be honest, I ship Jean with anybody when ever the mood strikes ;

As long as they're together, I really don't give a fuck who tops.

I don't really mind if it's Ereri or Riren as long as they're together ; actually it depends on my mood whether I want Eren as a seme or Levi -- Ya