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Or come running in the band room, hug you, and tackle you to the ground. Though you do get weird looks from other band kids in the room.

Umm yes!!!

I find it cute when boys, -make weird faces -dance ridiculously -laugh -sing to you (no matter how bad they are) -bite their lower lip -are funny -tease me a little -lick their lips -say "aww" -don't you.>>>>> ugggghhhh i want a boyfriend!

Need one of these :) <3

Yep' scratch your back without being asked (when in doubt scratch my back because it feels EPIC AWESOME!

the best

Umm hmmm 😂 I don't think this is comforting 😂 lol I'm most try hard. Buttt ya know 😂

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this may seem romantic but i see it as something weird, since you are touching me without my consent. back off unless you want some major pain.