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Life Hack - Having trouble sleeping? Tired eyes help you fall asleep.

A quick way to check if your username is already in use.

Yes it works, I just tried it. Pretty cool Life hacks, good to know, usernames, keeping track

Utter nonsense.  Those are markers to signal automated machines when to cut and seal tubes made from roll stock.

Dark streaks (or rectangles) shows that the product is composed entirely of chemically! The red squares show the product in yield and chemical from natural products. Green fields show the product contains only natural ingredients, free of chemicals

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Some of my favorite posts - Album on Imgur

Some of my favorite posts

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Burn 100 calories

Easy way to lose 100 calories Juming jacks everyone. No more plain old jumping jacks.

Life hack.  Sounds shady, but I'll try it...I do love Pizza Hut lol!

Life hack: Pizza Pizza don't know if this still works but saving it, worth a try.