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Shining Armor and Cadence

let's talk about shippings!it doesn't have to just be mlp!it can also be fnaf creepy pasta and other Fandom to!

Princess Cadence and Shining Armor Griffons by FarewellDecency

With some loose accents based of a barn owl and a secretary bird, for funsies.


Princess Skyla (daughter of Princess Candence and Shining Armor)btw this is NOT a fan made pony--Hasbro actually released a talking plushie and they just haven't added her into the show yet.


Princess Cadance/Gallery - My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki


Princess Cadance or Cadence i dont know. in neon neon ponies folder [link] Neon Princess Cadence

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I vectored this pretty pink princess pony on the train. I can see why Rarity had trouble getting Cadance looking all spiffy. Does Cadance e. Princess Cadance as the Crystal Princess