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OPUHALA is the Hawaiian Goddess of Coral, Coral Reefs and Canoe Bailers.

Not many are as creative as these Spanish hairstylists, who have always been the cream of the crop in avant-garde hairdressing! The Figaro Awards for.


The top ten most outrageous avant garde hair styles are displayed and described, as true works of art.

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Ready to ship! Ooak!! <3 <3 This is a one of a kind art wig made with extremely long thick hair in various shades of blue. It is

READY TO SHIP Ooak Raven crow feather headpiece headdress mythical whimsical fantasy creature

How about this instead of a veil (:-O oak Avant garde mermaid wig headpiece headdress mythical whimsical fantasy sea creature at by PoshFairytaleCouture in Kaiserslautern, Germany via ETSY