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Chameleon-Invisible-Bandages-Design: Innovative Bandages Change To Match Your Skin Color

Innovative Bandages Change To Match Your Skin Color

Chameleon band-aid--> This adhesive bandage changes color to match your skin tone.

Cool inventions!

Making life better one item at a time!

Cool inventions - some of these are pretty darn cool! I thought the hamper was pretty awesome.

Lithium ion wall clock.

Lithium-ion ‘Black & White’ digital wall clock

Holy crap, this is awesome!  It would be especially great for if you see a color somewhere you want for house paint or something...you could "scan it" and bring it to the paint store and say "match this color." quinnrossi

if this is real i want one now! scan a color and be able to draw in that exact color immediatley!

Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses...  I mean TINTED ones, like wearing sunglasses...  Crazy cool!

Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses

Not sire how I feel about this +Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses.instead of sunglasses wear these tinted contact lenses and you won't be squinting. This would be cool for Climbing or sports where you don't want to wear sunglasses. Also, a summer wedding.


Funny pictures about Convertible Sofa. Oh, and cool pics about Convertible Sofa. Also, Convertible Sofa photos.