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Steph Davis as she became the first woman to free climb El Capitan's Salathe Wall in Yosemite

Professional rock climber Steph Davis is passionate about rocks. She’s traveled the world in search of her next ascent, scaling mountain peaks from Patagonia to Pakistan.

Wow! Alex Hannold is somewhere between the bravest man alive and the craziest! Awesome!

Free Soloing at Yosemite with Extreme Rock Climber Alex Honnold

Join rock climber Alex Honnold in his ascent of Half Dome, nearly feet — without a rope.

How to Fall | Climbing Magazine | Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Bouldering, Ice Climbing

How to Fall Safely - Climb harder by learning to whip with confidence. (via Climbing Magazine) Useful for keeping safe on the way down.

[pinterest][photo] Climbing: Moving Up - Holly Merriman on Fred Rasmussen (5.8) Photo by Pull Photography https://www.pinterest.com/pin/311944711663414586...

Holly Merriman on Fred Rasmussen Upper Bread Loaves East. Photo by Pull Photography

Top 10 Most Extreme Moments Of Life On The Edge

Top 10 Most Extreme Moments Of Life On The Edge

Top 10 Most Extreme Moments Of Life On The Edge<< thought it said life on the LEDGE and I couldn't stop laughing… whoops


Another reason to lose weight! To go rock climbing and not be self-conscious with people looking at you at an unflattering angel!

Hiking Half Dome

“Test for brawn and breath, Half Dome’s back-side trail evokes the vim of youth and the caution of increasing years.” —Originally published in “The Other Yosemite” in National Geographic magazine, June 1974

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Climbing is such an impossible life to explain. If you have this calling to climb, that's your ticket, and you gotta go with it.