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wolverxne: Canadian Timber Wolf - by: [Rudy in Ottawa] Loup Canadien



Just look at that beauty of the wolf!

Acts like a husky but looks like and is as big as a wolf! Best dogs Ever! This will be my dog one day!

white wolf I think all WHITE WOLVES have the most BEAUITIFUL PAIR OF EYES that I have ever seen.

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Wolves live all over the world. It is amazing of how many still exist yet are very endangered. I am here to tell you where some of the last wolves.

There's someone in the wolf

We hope that, by learning more about and becoming interested in our captive wolves, visitors to Wolf Park will bec…

“Beyond The Trees” by Scott Denny. S) I have such an obsession with wolves, I have no idea from where but I just love them!

There are some 30 facilities in the USA trying to help secure the Mexican Grey Wolves future. There are an estimated 300 Mexican Wolves in captivity and only 50 in the wild. The Mexican Wolf was re-introduced in the wild in the 1990


marthajefferson: “ Officially, no one was able to approach the White Wolf for 25 years. Vincent Munier, wildlife photographer, spent a month alone in the extreme Artic Tundra at the very north of.


What a beautiful specimen of another species that belongs here - SAVE THE WOLVES

natureac:  This blog will make you feel at peace


"Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey." ~Lord Byron WHAT A FOOL!

A wolfdog (also called a wolf–dog hybrid or wolf hybrid) is a canid hybrid resulting from the mating of a gray wolf (various Canis lupus subspecies) and a dog (Canis lupus familiaris). The term “wolfdog” is preferred by most of the animals’ proponents and breeders because the domestic dog was taxonomically recategorized in 1993 as a subspecies of Canis lupus, which includes gray wolves.

These Dogs are Huge. No, Really, You Have to See These Dogs.

Funny pictures about Beautiful Black Wolf Hybrid. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful Black Wolf Hybrid. Also, Beautiful Black Wolf Hybrid photos.