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Black panther; Source: http://w-ildbutterfly.tumblr.com/post/30440813330/llbwwb-black-jaguar-explore-by-tenpinphil

The person befor me commented "Black panther beauty. This is a jaguar with melanism. Melanism is a recessive black jeen, which makes the jaguar appear black. But, no jaguar is truly black, just a dark brown.

panthers in India.

earthsfinest: “ (via “Bhutase Marana” by Manuela Kulpa) A black panther is typically a melanistic color variant of any of several species of larger cat. Wild black panthers in Latin America are black.

Black Panther Feline FB ...

"This is a black female Jaguar that I captured at the amazing WHF in Kent. The Jaguar is the largest feline on the American continent, and is the only one of the world's 'big' cats to be found in the New World." AKA a panther.

Black cat

Panther-my black kitten seriously looks this scary sometimes ;

Black is beautiful    Orson, a black jaguar, is one of the main attractions

"Black is beautiful" (Orson the Jaguar, San Diego Zoo) by Stinkersmell (Ion…

Clarence "Grandpa" Liv and Alonzo "Teddy" Tucker, behind the Wright Cycle Company. Taken in 1897 by Orville or Wilbur Wright.

Black Boys Standing Behind Wright Brothers' Bicycle Shop

Come to the dark side by Svenimal.deviantart.com on @deviantART

My favorite animal on the planet Black Panther

black jaguar by emma healey - Pixdaus

Had a dream I was a black jaguar. One of my all time favorite dreams. I moved so agile and graceful. Woke up missing that supreme level of ability. Being that black jaguar fit me like a glove.

Black Panther...now this really looks like my Lucky! Saggy belly!

Putting this on my ART board because I'm thinking of a tattoo of this cat!

Black panther

Black Panthers are so mystic and beautiful. This Black Panther is a melanistic Leopard. Hope you like the eye contact Black Beauty - Panther Portrait