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Simplicity is a true form of sophistication and that is evident in the work of Malika Favre. Favre is a French illustrator whose approach.

Illustrations de Malika Favre - Journal du Design

Illustrations de Malika Favre

MALIKA FAVRE is a french illustrator/art director based in East London. Favre is genial creating a great power communication with such a few contour lines. In her works she uses clean curved lines, waves of light and games of primary colours.

incubandy: Karen O | Ilustración

Graphic - A possibility is a very minimalist approach - using outstanding traits / features of the band and their instruments to create a striking visual - eg. Anna's long hair and little nose paired with piano keys.

Malika Favre Illustration

Malika Favre The bright red lips are very bright which draw the viewers eye in. Simple shapes and lines abide by the principle of closure to create simple illustrations of facial features.

Estonian artist Eiko Ojala famous for his paperwork released a new personal project with no clue on what media is used in it. This could be a beautiful mix of paper, photography and illustrations but.

Malika Favre - Shop BA

Bella ilustración - " Buenos Aires " Cover illustration for the Buenos Aires issue of SHOP magazine, from Pop and Swinging