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Simplicity is a true form of sophistication and that is evident in the work of Malika Favre. Favre is a French illustrator whose approach.

Malika Favre é uma artista (designer/ilustradora) francesa que atualmente mora em Londres. Os clientes de Malika incluem The New Yorker, Vogue, BAFTA, Sephora e Penguin Books, entre muitos outros. Ela é reconhecida por seu estilo minimalista ousado – muitas vezes descrito como “Pop Art se encontra com o Op Art” – é algo único e inconfundível, tanto que […]

O estilo minimalista ousado da francesa Malika Favre

Malika Favre y sus Formas Inconfundibles

Malika Favre y sus Formas Inconfundibles

Reimagined 1970s movie posters - Cabaret (1972), by Malika Favre  I saw Joel Gray play the role play the MC in Chicago in 1988, 18 years after he starred in the movie!

Reimagined 1970s movie posters – in pictures

Malika Favre: Ilustraciones llenas de color y simpleza! | Undermatic

Malika Favre: Ilustraciones llenas de color y simpleza!

"Poor Little Rich Girl", NYT. Malika Favre - tiphaine-illustration

Adore these sharp graphic images from Malika Favre - Great colours with a touch of retro!

Chunky Monkey

Love Rolling Stones poster barcode PD happily snowbound Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain. Thank You For Smoking - minimalist movie poster il.

Resultado de imagen para malika favre

Malika Favre The bright red lips are very bright which draw the viewers eye in. Simple shapes and lines abide by the principle of closure to create simple illustrations of facial features.