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Zodiac City What you need to know about Gemini women

Zodiac City What you need to know about Gemini women -- omg this is exactly me

This sounds like me to a T....

What you need to know about Gemini women. For more zodiac fun. I'm not a Gemini but this is so me

Walls, guards, dogs,  guns and a beware sine

That's very true! Gemini on target. DAAAAAMMMNNNN Wish I could hand this out on every date lol


Astrology Quotes : We don't get to breaking point. We bend over backwards till we can't no

Drunk Gemini

Elyse and Ash dedicate this to me.I think with good reason.


As happy and good natured as Gemini can be, they often deal with feeling empty. They feel like something is absent in their life but are not. My kids are both Gemini's

No matter what...no matter how much it takes, or how hard it might seem.

Gemini is an airy sign ruled by Mercury. Gemini borns have a sharp intellect and they have a conscious mind.

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So true. The confidence and insecurity is spot on for me. I have to be just the right part of my twin to surround myself with people. Only if you know me well do you know my true self.

Naw --- I've learned to ignore most of the voices...  :D

Its So true lol ok I know some people think this stuff is dumb, but this one is so ridiculously accurate about me that it's scary.

Your best bet is to make things as clear as possible

Gemini - This is me many times - I really think I am supposed to be a Gemini sometimes and not a Taurus .


FAQ What are the specific birthstones for Gemini? – Gemini Birthstone are Safire and aquamarine What are Aries birthstone colors? The Gemini sign is governed by Mercury which gives Geminis a dynami…