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Me gustan los viajes nocturnos. Cuando me despierto es como si hubiera aparecido en otra dimensión.

The peacefullest times I remember were as a kid laying down drowsily in the backseat of the family van at night on road trips while my dad drove, and mom slept in the passenger seat. I've never known a greater sense of safety since those times.


- ̗̀☁︎☀︎☁︎ ̖́- purple sky and the moon - ̗̀☁︎☀︎☁︎ ̖́-


coltre: “I was crying when I took this and it was a pretty odd moment because while I was sobbing I looked up to take this picture of the pretty sky and a old man passed with his bike a second after looking at me with a “?” face and almost crashed.

can't wait to move out to LA <3

Observation Introduction Westbrook was born in Long Beach, CA, but later moved to Los Angeles. Growing up, he dreamed of playing basketball for the University of California Los Angeles. Westbrook spent most of his childhood and early life in LA.