Every single person needs to watch game theory, especially the five nights at Freddy's 2 video... Just saying

Five Nights at Freddy's you evil led pencil>>>>He's got Aichmophobia, remember.so he's scared to death by sharp objects

Marionette be like: Why do I have to smile?! KILL ME PLZ

Mike's Puns by on DeviantArt<<< I actually hate puns but these are just amazing XD<<Don't come over to the undertale fandom then cause you'll die lol

Is have a feeling that Mike and Sans would get along great

This is me whenever I play FNAF. I am the Mike Schmidt FNAF player. - I would love to meet whoever wrote this note XD

HOLY SHIT YES!!!!!!!I played this is church and I bout screamed!!!

I play Fnaf today and my heartbeat is still like that xD