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Steven Universe: Image Gallery

aeryel: “ruby plz steven is right there ****Spoilers… kinda.if you have not seen keystone motel**** The way Ruby and Sapphire argue because they are basically married forever is so cute omg when ruby.

Steven Universe<<<<maybe that's why it's easy for ruby and sapphire to fuse. They just need to high five or hold hands

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Steven Universe, Jesus that would be awkward, and probably banned from children tv.>>>i loke it *insert lenny face*

Seeing fanart like this makes me wonder what if Steven was instead raised by Jasper, Lapis and Peridot?

The Steven Universe Book Club

She spawns them too...



Baby steven & Child crystal gems Tags: universe Wait is ruby kissing Steven on the lips? It looked like passion!

This is my favorite thing on the Internet

This is my favorite thing on the Internet