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Lars Beller Fjetland grew up on the west coast of Norway, where he has nurtured a lifelong fascination for the marriage of function with the finest of nature's materials in furniture, interiors and lighting.

Detail of Hinge Extension Dining Table in White Oak Designed by Alessandro Latini for SOBU

Hinge Extension Dining Table

Alessandro originally designed this table for our own home. It was his dream table design, with the hope that we would gather our friends and family around it for many years and hopefully someday pass

Table for a flower / svetlanalkozhenov.com

Smart use of table to utilise space in a small area. Great idea for a flower shop. Table for a Flower by Adam and Sam Cigler of Studio Vjem

This instructable will cover my own experiments with laser kerf bent wood, also known as lattice hinges, and how I tried to create it parametrically to bend along a curved surface.There's a lot of good information about lattice hinges here http://www.deferredprocrastination.co.uk/blog/cate... which explains the concept and actual physics behind it.I'm no engineer, so all of what I've found is through trial and error.

Curved Laser Bent Wood

Lathe Turned Wood Wooden Basswood Bird With Exotic African Blackwood Wings and Beak - Junction Trade

This lathe-turned distinguished looking little bird sports wings and a tiny beak made of African Blackwood from Mozambique. The contrasting body is Basswood. This bird stands 2 tall.

Awesome looking spiral scaped wooden lampshade

I like if it was open not pointed and had a circle at bottom. This pendant light is fabricated from eight laminated veneer leaves that are packed flat and assembled on site using the small fittings provided.

Pol-Eno Wooden Treasures #wooden #animals

These petite wooden treasures from pol-eno offer a refreshing take on the typical animal figurine.

Michael Marriott

Michael Marriott

Basket chair

Official site of the swedish designer Markus Johansson, maker of the famous Nest, Cirrata and other furniture and products.

OLGA BIELAWSKA is a freelance designer in Hamburg, Germany. Born in Warsaw/ Poland, raised in Bavaria/ Germany, she graduated in 2007 from t...

OLGA BIELAWSKA is a freelance designer in Hamburg, Germany. Born in Warsaw/ Poland, raised in Bavaria/ Germany, she graduated in 2007 from t.

Olli Mustikainen 15.01.1989, Finland

Olli Mustikainen 15.01.1989, Finland

devil is in the details... architecture, interior, graphics, branding, landscape... Always think big, but pay attention to details... it will make all the difference between something good and excellence. via victona.com le blog

Into the Garden, using concrete/wood furnishings. Deux Ex Machina outlet, Venice Beach, California :: detail of concrete-wood table

Detailed Joinery & Graphic Fit-Outs

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