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District 9 alien also a worker drone. how could you not fall in love with this face!?!

District 9 Directed by Neill Blomkamp

look at these kind gentle eyes

becoming the alien: apartheid, racism and district 9

The Faces Behind Movie Aliens pics)

War of the worlds alien

This race of martian creatures are a hostile and sadistic race of aliens that invaded the planet.

Weta's District 9

Prawn from District 9

You sure do have a purrty mouth

Should you ever be on a mining ship and Ellen Ripley is not around, take a look at this handy guide on how to defeat a xenomorph.

District 9 (2009)

Elysium In Theaters September 20 (Japan)

Невероятно, но факт: в глубинах океана найдено "неземное" существо  https://joinfo.ua/inworld/1199410_Neveroyatno-fakt-glubinah-okeana-naydeno-nezemnoe.html

Невероятно, но факт: в глубинах океана найдено неземное существо

This is the alien from the abyss! this is one of the more peaceful aliens ive ever seen in an alien movie! it saves one of the characters life! it lives very deep deep down in the depths of the occean. what a place to live ay!

Alien Head Concepts from Mass Effect: Andromeda

Alien Head Concepts from Mass Effect: Andromeda

april-prime-alienheads.png (924×654)

Want to see some of the best humanoid alien character designs? Check out this collection of cool alien concept art by some hugely talented artists.

Alien Head Concepts from Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

m Goblins attacking battle plains farmland

The Lord of the Rings - Bing Images

DeviantArt: More Like Goblin Head Concepts by UlaFish

Nicholas Kole — So, funny story! Ha ha…ha As fate would have.

File:Arthropoid normal 08.png

File:Arthropoid normal 08.png

The Cyber Research Systems Model T-X[1], or T-X Terminatrix[2][3], is an advanced model of Terminator succeeding the T-950 and produced by Skynet in an alternated timeline created from the first attempted assassination of John Connor. One unit was dispatched by Skynet into the past in order to terminate John Connor and his lieutenants while ensuring no one in the CRS could shut down Skynet during its activation.


The Cyber Research Systems Model T-X, or T-X Terminatrix, is an advanced model of Terminator.


model of a StarCraft 2 Protoss by STARFEEDER, hhhhrrrrrrg! Fuck that is a pretty render.

Alien Queen, Lincoln Hughes on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/vrAPE

Painted from a screenshot I found on the net - unfortunately, I couldn't find the creator of the original or else I would have freely given credit.