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free range myth

free range myth - hoping to have something closer to the top image when we get our chickens.


Pro vegan: How dairy milk is made vs how almond milk is made. For almond milk, the healthier more humane milk, simply soak almonds in water overnight and then pop them in the blender.

Animal Testing Mandatory in the US? This cannot happen. Please sign the petition and share!

Animal Testing Mandatory in the US

The Do's and Dont's of Going Cruelty-Free | ethical elephant

The Do's and Dont's of Going Cruelty-Free

Going cruelty-free but not sure how to? Here are some general guidelines one should consider when going cruelty-free!

Their chests are burned and they develop respiratory problems both due to the high levels of ammonia from their urine. Stronger, more aggressive birds cannibalize weak and sick birds. Slaughter can include a scalding tank while still conscious to more easily pluck the feathers.

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I know that when most people hear Free Range Eggs they picture happy chickens walking around in a pasture, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Time to start looking for pastured eggs.

This is true..

And remember, as a meat-eating animal lover, you yourself participate in part of animal cruelty. Want to live a animal cruelty free life. Go Vegan ♥

Yep, je kunt een changemaker zijn door op te letten wat je in je mond stopt.

Millions of acres used to grow grain to feed animals we consume could be used to grow crops for human consumption, enough to feed everyone in the world. You want to solve world hunger, this is the way!