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S6 Ep10 "Game Over, Charles" - Can you believe it?! o.O #PLL #FAceToFAce #8/11/15

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who killed Bethany? And the age doesnt make sense since Toby's mom came into the room & Allison & Toby were teens. Bethany looked & Charles looked and theyre older then Ali & Toby?

Hmmm... They say nothing on Pretty Little Liars is a coincidence.

Nothing on Pretty Little Liars is a coincidence.

15 Reasons CeCe Drake is Big "A" on Pretty Little Liars

Or did they just spin it as transgender given the whole Caitlyn Jenner deal -______-

Oh my gosh I just made the connection

smart house, luck of the irish, pretty little liars.omg ian is the luck of the irish kid.