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Dalai Lama

Green Tara is often represented with a mischievous or playful smile on Her face. Green Tara’s powers are focused on protection. However, She is also a powerful guide during meditation.


The Egyptian goddess Bastet is one of the earlier deities of the Nile region, and the daughter of Ra, the sun god. She was the goddess of fire, cats, of the home and pregnant women.


For-the-Heart-image-by-Zeng-Hao-courtesy-of-The-Kuan-Yin-Oracle-by-Alana-Fairchild-510x712.jpg 510×712 pixels

For-the-Heart-image-by-Zeng-Hao-courtesy-of-The-Kuan-Yin-Oracle-by-Alana-Fairchild-510x712.jpg 510×712 pixels

Buddha in Green l Art Print by Wei Ying-wu at Art.com

Buddha in Green l

Pinzellades al món: Surrealisme i art: Christian Schloe / Surrealismo y arte / Surrealism and art: Christian Schloe

The Goddess Guan Jin, or Kuan Yin

Beautiful painting by Zeng Hao! Green Tara - originally a Hindu goddess and later adopted by some forms of Buddhism. She is known as the mother of liberation, a protectress, an obstacle remover, and an earth mother.

Bodhisattvas abide in the inconceivable, In which thought is inexhaustible: Entering the inconceivable realm, Thought and non-thought are both silenced. Avatamsaka Sutra - 651

White Tara on red. She is known as The Mother of Liberation. White Tara is associated with compassion, long life, healing and serenity.

Quan Yin

Amazing Oriental Oil Paintings of Chinese Goddesses and Angels by Zeng Hao

Kuan Yin by Zeng Hao. Kuan Yin, beloved goddess of over a billion people the…