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Finding Neverland

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Coca Cola

*Vintage coke ad Ice cold Coke - this is how I became addicted to Cola. No cafes or Starbucks around, just vending machines where people gathered around and talked while having a cold one.

State fair

40 photos qui donnent le goût de tout laisser tomber et partir en voyage

i know these swing rides at carnivals are made for kids, but i have to admit, i still love them! the feeling of flying through the air on one of these is soo freeing. i will probably always be the tallest person in line for one of these :)

A childhood left behind, abandoned too early and left to wither in the shadows of forgotten memories.

looks like the back yard where I grew up.we had a big oak tree like this and a swing.we called it our Monkey Swing and it had a red round seat.I had many hours and years of fun on it

Climbing up and sitting in a tree. <3

Climbing trees was one of my favorite things when I was a kid. There are lots of trees in my secret garden to climb.

The way life should be

Everyone is like- that's a beautiful place to read a book. yeh right I would get to some moment in the book that calls for a sad/happy/scared/ridiculous reaction and end up in the water. and books are waterproof so that would be a sad ending

Swing, swing, swing.......

Baby Trend - Nursery Center Playard, Deluxe Havenwood

Swinging high & living in the moment / Pink Sugar Photography