Basset hound

Basset Hound Puppy- LOVE their fat feet! Aww it looks so sad!


Had our Hound mix for 16 yrs. Basset Hound for almost 10 yrs. They have crossed over to Doggie Heaven. Now we get to love our son and dil's new darlin' Blood Hound, "Bishop". Hounds just seem to r (Bloodhound Beagle Mix)

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In the Sugarplum Recipes Series, one of the main characters is Sweet Willie…


Ears an idea.adopt a basset hound from Belly Rubs Basset Hound Rescue. Look at that FACE!


The basset hound puppy is a short-legged breed of dog of the hound family. Basset hound puppies are scent hounds, bred to hunt rabbits by scent.