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Not responding is a response. I fucking hate being ignored. Glad I'm done w that BS.

Not responding is a response. I fucking hate being ignored. Glad I'm done w that BS.

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Still hoping. For one more chance. I'm so stupid, see you talking to another guy and I instantly get jealous. thought that I had you. Makes me cry:(

Honestly so sick of all them fake bitches out there.. can everyone just grow up a fucking little bit???

And she doesn't, no matter what she says, what she has told herself, she does not care about me. Someone who cares could never be this cold.

It's one of the most painful things in the world but you CANT give up! We went through a really rough and very painful point in our marriage that forced us to open our eyes and see what we were doing to each other. That rough point saved our marriage and made us realize how fucking much we love each other. If your spouse becomes a stranger you have to fight for them even harder, I swear it's worth it

It is such a lonely feeling when someone you care about becomes a stranger. A loneliness that is magnified when you loved that person so much you couldn't imagine a day without them in it.Now we are strangers😔.

Funny how some people critique your own relationship when they have no idea how good y'all actually are- all while not being able to keep a guy interested in her stolen, copied personality  maybe that has something to do with it- or maybe it's cause your so fucking pathetic everyone can see straight through you

I totally need to remember this.it should have told me everything I needed to know about my ex.

Anger is our natural defense against pain. So when I say I hate you, it really means You Hurt Me. -- Truth. ~Missy

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I actively chose to stop saying I hated people after high school and it's improved my life a lot. When I slip and say it, it's absolutely always because I don't know how to communicate pain in the moment.

I hate being lied straight to my face when I know every bit of the truth.

I can handle just about anything, but being lied to is where I draw the line. There is no room in my life for liars. Time to say bye to some people.