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One minute of anger weakens your immune system for hours. One minute of laughter BOOSTS your immune system for over 24 hours. Choosing to avoid what is hurtful or stressful and finding my joy, inner peace, and happiness!

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It is through falling down that we learn how to stand up again. It is through adversity that we gather our strengths to live the life we want and pursue our dreams.

Wish Master

from dreams to dreams I have always been like an every flowing stream.

You’re a masterful creator of your own reality.

Panache Desai is a contemporary thought leader and author of Discovering Your Soul Signature: A Path to Purpose, Passion, & Joy.

Too many times, I've seen mental and emotional abuse, all in the name of love. Be nice, Be kind, Be encouraging. Or...be quiet!

A trap so commonly fell into just because you love some doesn't mean they can treat you like shit and take you for granted