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I'm dreaming of a white it to early to be thinking of this song?? :)

I'm dreaming of a white it to early to be thinking of this song?

- just breathe -

Winter is the most beautiful and the coldest season of the year.Winter is the coldest season of the year in temperate climate, between autum.

Winter is coming

"Snow road" Novosibirsk,Russia, by Terroplis A. This would make a beautiful painting shima glanz shima glanz Nelson

snowy woods

* to * £iz Young **o £ove, her angelboy brother *&+*&* kristin * 8 * bella's lullaby by carter burwell * 8 *

.....the beauty of God's creation.... but....also danger! for motorists! (been there, done that)

Reminds me of the white-tail deer crossing our road

Going up to the mountains and cutting down a lovely Oregon Christmas tree.. :)

Christmas Tree In The Snow - This Looks So Cute! Family tradition every year take different photo in snow

و آن کسی را که دوست داری؛ نصف دیگرِ تو نیست!  او تویی ، اما جایی دیگر..! #جبران_خليل_جبران

The lone evergreen.


Let it snow knee deep to a VERY tall giraffe!

Glorious Morning Blessings    "From everlasting to everlasting":  1 Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations.  2 Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.  (Psalm 90 : 1 - 2 - ESV)

A Winter Sunrise!

a real photo (Nat Geo)

These pine trees are so tall! What a beautiful adventure this would be!

❄Christmas Time is the Best Time❄

I love the winter. I love the cold days and all the snow. I love christmas and shining candles in the darkness. I love skiing in meters of powder snow. I love the winter.

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts : Photo

agentlewoman: “It’s a whopping 12 degrees in Chicago today. Warming up with a good book and treats (at The Coffee Studio) ”

the snowman of Hyde park

❄ Ꭿ ʄɽσʂʈҽɖ ƈɦɽᎥsʈɱαʂ ❄