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I was the high school Library intern in high school. Even won the Library award.

Oh, I would totally be a book dragon. And no one would have to be afraid of me, because instead of breathing fire and eating them, I would just invite them in for tea and a nice chat over our books. Of course, I kinda already hoard books... and I'd love to have like-minded folks over for tea and a nice chat... so I guess I'm really only missing the whole "dragon" part of this scenario...

If I were a dragon, I'd hoard books instead of silver and gold because knowledge is the greatest treasure.

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Glow sticks only last for so long so, how.>>>>it doesn't have to be glow sticks, the book just have to have a special paper that glows in the dark and changes colour.

Rowling this is for you.

NEW LIFE GOAL "No, no, Barnes and Nobel employees, it's okay. I'll just leave this here then.


Hahaha as a fanfic author, it depends on the character I kill. If it's a good character I cry. If it's a character that I hate then I smile laugh and have tea with satan

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Yes, that's exactly what I mean.

Sadly chris columbus didnt read the percy jackson series. Comment, like, and repost if u want a new and improved percy jackson movie that includes every detail from the book

funny http://media-cache6.pinterest.com/upload/92464598568953507_I17hJJ07_f.jpg hcotton quote it

Did you seriously expect me to converse with you while I'm in the middle of a book? a lot. well now I just hold up my Nook

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It's so annoying when there like woah ur reading who knew teenagers could do that

Yeah this happened when i read Unhinged by A.G. Howard!! Cant wait for ensnared

It's a terrible feeling , it happened in the mark of Athena I thought there were more pages but it turned out to be a STUPID GLOSSARY<<<<<< I KNOW RIGHT! Fall for every time!

23 Things Every Book Lover Should Confess To

23 Things Every Book Lover Should Confess To


BOOKS FOR LIFE My life goal is to open this store and live in it. I will also have a bed and breakfast style set up where you can stay the night reading these books of awesomeness!