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MG34 in front of StuG:s

German machine gun crew firing with MG 34 during Operation Barbarossa Part of Army Group North

The world, it seems, is falling to pieces. Each day brings ever worsening reports of war, violence, and devastation. Protests, riots, bombings, beheadings, rapes, kidnappings, persecutions—the list goes on and on. Yesterday, yet another horror unfolded in Paris, one of the most devastating yet in the Western world, and we feel with foreboding that it …

From the film, "Saving Private Ryan". Occupied France, WWII, just after D-day. An American soldier carrying a French girl.

Yanks go over the top during training in World War I

Yanks go over the top during training in World War I? Those look like British helmets.

An American ship on the way to land at Normandy, June 6, 1944. U.S. Coast Guard photograph.

Soldiers of the Infantry Division aboard the LCI 326 on their way to Utah Beach June 1944 That's my dad. Earl W Nielsen The guy squinting behind the wall. He was 20 years old

Soviet soldier's eat lunch - Trenches WWII

Soviet soldier's eat lunch - Trenches WWII, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Soviet soldiers - Red October factory - Stalingrad battle | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Armed with light machine guns, Soviet troops attack the German forces in the vicinity of the Red October plant in Stalingrad. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images).

German MG-42 Crew - (best estimate) Grossdeutschland, part of the forward elements of Fourth Panzer Army, embroiled in the battle in the city of Voronezh, July 1942.

historyandass: Waffen-SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, delivering the goods ” Wehrmacht troops of elite großdeutschland division.

Soviet soldiers in trenches | by Za Rodinu

Soviet soldiers in trenches, they are carrying food in these containers. Most likely also mail for the squad that they were going to.