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Turn an old key into an ornament

Whimsical snowman hand painted on old keys. Perfect to be hung from your Christmas tree or hang on a hook by the door. Style and size of keys will vary.

3 bottle tabs thingys   a button and ribbon of the same color   red ribbon   a hot glue gun   toothpicks and black & orange paint = these things.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas - Bottle Cap Snowman - Click Pic for Holiday Craft Ideas! look at my board for MANY more diy gifts!

Make these beautiful Christmas balls by coating with spray adhesive and dipping in Epsom salt. Want more color, paint the ball your favorite color first.

snow ball ornament: coat with glue stick, dip in epson salt.hmmm what about coloring the epson salt?

bliss bloom {blog} ~ a craft and lifestyle journal: [Make] Stamped Burlap Ornaments

Gift idea: Stamped Burlap Ornaments - grab some burlap, tacky glue, fabric paint and letter stamp set to get a jump on the holiday preparations!

I am in love with these! Styrofoam balls, glue and your favorite yarn color.

Styrofoam ball + glue + yarn = Christmas ornaments ~ I'll admit I'm intrigued, my family puts Christmas decorations eeeeverywhere, maybe this will be an addition?

Pinterest DIY Glue Gun Christmas Ornament | Image only-DIY: Christmas Angel Ornament (Super glue a wooden ball on ...

Image only-DIY: Christmas Angel Ornament (Super glue a wooden ball on top of an upside down flower. Glue on some hair. Use gold pipe cleaner to make a Halo. Add bows, and use a ribbon to make a loop to hang the ornament.) Perfect for my angel tree!


This Patchwork for Christmas Ornament is beautiful and special. You’ll be happy making your own Christmas ornaments this year. Click below link for tutorial. DIY Patchwork for Christmas Ornaments