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Black bear in a tree in the Smokies at one of the best national parks in USA.

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the largest protected bear habitat in the eastern U. There are approximately black bears in the park. This equals two bears in every square mile.

Wildlife in Katmai National Park in Alaska.

Visitors to Katmai National Park in Alaska often come in July to watch brown bears grab sockeye salmon around the Brooks Camp waterfall. The park harbors some protected bears.[Photo by Alaska Stock Images]

Zuckersüßes niedliches Bärchen  schaut ganz verdattert in die Kamera. Ups, na sowas!

Cute little black bear in the snowy Smokies.~Oh lookie! He haz a mad!

Ursidae - caniformia - Spectacled Bear

[A Spectacled Bear: "Pondering Over The 'Bear' Necessities of Life] ** "Me guess food and shelter. Oh, and az far az food be concerned, a poacher a day.

Black Bear

out for the count.Black bears lose neither bone density nor muscle mass while hibernating

A closer look at the frightening and majestic fur ball.

In the Wild: North American Bears - Animals - GRIT Magazine