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tessalation design with personal profile

Value Scale Tesselation: One of my favorite projects that I was assigned in my high school art classes, were tessellations. I've been wanting to start something new and I think that I might just dive in head first!

what a great idea...use the silhouette (outline in thick black and shade in a solid color [dark along the outside and get lighter as you go in]) and write in words that either: describe characteristics, name in different languages, my personal worldview or descriptive quote, etc.

authenticarts: it’s like a Jane Austen book come to life. e-picart: mixed media collage made from tiny cutouts from a text book inches took about hours to make (alternately, a poem or autobiography inside)

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Drawing: "Reflective Silhouette" Our first project will be an introductory lesson on contour drawing. Leads to awesome website with instructions! With this lesson I would have them type a reflection about themselves, then create a portrait on top

Pop Art Portraits

Pop Art Portraits

fish kites for painting and drawing Pop Art Self Portraits from photographs. This site has a lot of other awesome lessons on it, such as Picasso Cubist Portraits from Playing Cards and Graffiti Street Art tote bags.

▶ M.C. Escher - How To Create A Tessellation - YouTube

maths draw simple tessellations instructions guide, maths draw simple tessellations service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products.

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Elements of Art Sketchbook Activities: Sketchbook activities to introduce young artists to some of the concepts of line, color,shape, value, form space and texture. 3 pages that can be cut apart and pasted into a sketchbook with activities and prompts for