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Gillberga Mohn

Hare or giant bunny with big sharp pointy teeth! He'll bite your head off! Bring forth the holy hand grenade!

Feldhasen (Lepus capensis), cape hares by Wolfgang Lequen

I never saw anybody glare at anyone with the hatred Mayella Ewell showed when she left the stand and walked past Atticus's table" (Lee Mayella vs Atticus Man vs Man

Brown Hares Running by Astland Photography, via Flickr

Why do 'single' birds dance?


Peter Samuels takes familiar animals and makes us see them with fresh eyes courtesy of heroic pose and monumental scale. Just as intriguing as taxidermy wi

Dos liebres en un ritual de combate para atraer la atención de las hembras, Austria (Inglo Gerlach, 2016)

25 March 2016 - Two hares square up to each other as they fight for the attention of females in Austria