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Line of artificial trees with alternating light color. Clear lights alternate with red lights. I think the snow is mixing with the red light and makes it look pink.

Holiday Decorating Idea: Pink christmas decorations #holiday #christmas #tree #pink

Noël en avance

Hot pink and gold Christmas decorations. Might be a cute "baby's first Christmas" idea.blue for a boy

I just finished eating a pack of those!! Haha

Okay I'm obsessed with sour patch kids but here's the weird part… I only like the red and orange ones. I'm not even kidding I will buy a box of sour patch kids and I'll pick out the red and orange ones.

I wish I have always wanted to be but it never happens.

Someone tell me I'm not the only unorganized girl? My room is er. A disaster and my school bag


Never wanting to get out of bed in the morning ~ just girly things ~

yes yes yes

Being comfortable in oversized hoodies. I prefer fitted clothes, but hoodies are great.

I love Christmas!

my absolute favorite thing about Christmas time! Soo overly excited about Christmas this year 🎄

Christmas tree in a boat on a lake! Not everyone has a lake, but lots of neighborhoods have ponds. How great would this be in the neighborhood pond! - I want a pond just to do this lol

Merry Christmas!

Christmas- I now hang this ornament on my tree! I remember the year Poppop let me hang it on the little tree at their house.