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The Iberian lynx, brought back from the brink of extinction by a team of dedicated biologists in Spain.- I now wish to travel to Spain to see one of these guys, I just love those eyes

Iberian lynx

The Iberian lynx, (Lynx pardinus), is a critically endangered species of felid native to the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe. It is one of the most endangered cat species in the world. According to the conservation group SOS Lynx, if the Iberian lynx

2 month old Canadian lynx cat

Endangered List - A two-month-old Canadian lynx kitten scales a branch in southwest Colorado. The state is doing all it can to ensure that the endangered animals survive after being reintroduced to the state in the late

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“"Good morning, it's a lovely morning Good morning, what a wonderful day Good morning, good morning to you"”

Canada Lynx, (Lynx canadensis) Mother and kitten. Spring.Montana. Captive Animal.

Canada lynx lynx canadensis mother and kitten. spring montana by Daniel J Cox on Getty Images. The black tufts of hair at the top of the Canada lynx's ears serve to enhance its excellent hearing.


100+ Cute Baby Animals

As a trainer, one should train the animals to do before large groups. The simple solution, is not to get a live animal whatsoever, but among the excellent plush toys instead.

Art On Sun: ♥ cat ♥

Beautiful Baby Jaguar in Wild

Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and check out our beautiful babies in the wild! Leopard cub by Sarah Walton Cute.

Doesn't matter how big they are, cats will be cats.

Doesn't matter how big they are, cats will be cats.

Maltese Blue Tiger

Om people are seriously dumb. Or at last they've never been proven, and the last "sighting " was in the These are Photoshopped or dyed.


I love the distinct point of fur on their ears ❤️~~Bobcat cub by Don Johnston~~

Top 10 Photos of Big Cats #BigCatFamily

Top 10 Photos of Big Cats #BigCatFamily

Okay, not a tiger, but a snow leopard.  Still...those eyes...

"Blue Ice" - Print available Inspired by the beauty of nature talented award-winning artist Collin Bogle,,,

Virtual Safari

Virtual Safari