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Frerard ;-;

My Chemical Romance ~ Frerard If you're in the MCRmy, you know that Frank drops his guitar for nothing but Gee

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is gerard wearing a gryffindor scarf? or is it just a normal yellow and red scarf.<<< it probably is a Gryffindor scarf

I laughed at some of them and I cried at others. 11/10 would re-pin again.

I went back and listened to "Famous Last Words" and freaking cried. The lyrics make total sense now. He put his damn heart in his music; something not one of these new "modern" singers do now.

Frerard kiss | Gerard and Frank

I went to my first ever My Chemical Romance Concert on the last week.

Well Gerard, we're waiting.

frerard is my otp, but in my opinion, i think it was real at some point, in like but honestly, I don't think so anymore. I will still ship the fuck out of frerard tho

Ferard moments are amazing...

Oh yeah, Frerard. *My Chemical Romance.* <<< Ferard never ends.

You done and broke that promise, Frank.

Read SPAM from the story A Perfect Family ( Adopted by MCR ) by (Pepe's_Dank_G.

How am I just now finding these?!? These are beautiful :')

Gerard Way. I don't like it when people smoke, but boy, Gerard makes smoking look HOT; Bitch, gerard way makes everything look hot.

3f68b97c191d45bf9d95cadd24a2bf93.jpg 600×2,706 pixels

3f68b97c191d45bf9d95cadd24a2bf93.jpg 600×2,706 pixels

MCR and Frerard/JOKES and PICTURES - 33. Frerard - Wattpad

MCR and Frerard/JOKES and PICTURES - 33. Frerard

Well, what were you expecting from frerard? Frank probably named bandit and vice versa with cherry and Lily.

My Chemical Romance ~ Frank Iero, Mikey and Gerard Way <3

Frerard (: holy crap frank looks hot here<<<Are you suggesting that Frank does not always look hot?