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Frerard ;-;

My Chemical Romance ~ Frerard If you're in the MCRmy, you know that Frank drops his guitar for nothing but Gee

i save this picture WAY too much (also that pun wasn't intended i actually wanted to emphasise that word not make a pun based on his name..ok)

Who's the sassiest of them all? :) Gerard Way of MCR, circa Danger Days.

frerard, my, chemical, romance

This just makes the song infinite times more beautiful imo<<< but a lot more sad I did too much research they used to pretty much be together and then Gerard left Frank for Linsey.

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"Frnkiero andthe answer, frank changed the name of his band again?" -Kayden (my fren)


sometimes I'm like "Gerard is so weird how does Lindsey put up w this" and then I remember she's literally his female counterpart and probably encourages it<< lindsey is actually my female inspiration and role model in life