three tiered succulent garden in rustic concrete planter

If you have a dry birdbath or fountain, use it to display cascading, rosette and clump-forming succulents. Consider it a bonus if a leak ruined your fountain or birdbath -- it means water will drain.

succulent hanging basket

Arrange a succulent hanging basket with Painted echeveria (Echeveria nodulosa) , Pearl of Nuremberg echeveria (E. ‘Perle von Nürnberg'), and October Daphne sedum (Sedum sieboldii ‘Mediovariegatum')

Tienda Online de microscopio - Suculentas

Tienda Online de microscopio - Suculentas: Oh I so needed this. Half of the nurseries here don't know which succulent is called what.

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Crassula Morgans Beauty - plants

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Love the tiny car! I dont know what it is I love about the old beater cars overflowing with flowers, but I do. Since I dont think nick would ever allow me to out an old vw bug in the backyard, this may be a better option!

.Spiral Aloe. This plant is cosmic. You get this specimen in a 6" pot - it is hardy to 7below.

Aloe polyphylla- SPIRAL ALOE - this is awesome! (and it's aloe so I probably won't kill it)