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Basil. Even I underestimated the power of herbs when I think of Omega 3’s.  88mg per ounce of omega-3. 20mg omega-6.  Click HERE to find a tasty recipe filled with basil.

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Freezing Herb and Edible Flower Tips by DIY Ready at  http://diyready.com/herb-ice-cube-tutorial/

How to Make Herb Ice Cubes Tutorial

Want to know how to freeze herbs and make herb ice cube? This DIY project is a great way to keep herbs fresh longer for cooking and store them in a fun way

Lullula & Fringilla - Kruiden drogen

Lullula & Fringilla - Kruiden drogen

Wondering how to grow sage? Planting sage is easy, but make sure you choose an edible types for use in the kitchen. Take a look at how to grow sage in gardens in this article.

Learn How To Grow Sage In Gardens

Tips On How To Grow Sage - Growing sage (Salvia officinalis) in your garden can be rewarding, especially when it is time to cook a delicious dinner. Wondering how to grow sage? Planting sage is easy.

Homemade Mustard with Fresh Herbs

Raw Home made mustard with fresh thyme and rosemary. Cheaper than store bought, with no additives or preservatives, raw & vegan, with unprocessed ingredients. And it tastes brilliant!