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Fresh basil, mint, thyme or sage combined with unsweetened fruit juices creates tasty herb jellies with little  added sweetener. Would be great with goat cheese!

Natural Skin Care Product: Natural Organic Skin Products Natural skin care products - However numerous have made a decision to try out organic organic goods, many do not know what these items are and are still really doubtful that they perform.

Zelf je kruiden drogen zorgt ervoor dat je straks in de winter nog volop geniet van alle heerlijke verse kruiden uit de moestuin. Goedkoop en lekker!

Zelf je kruiden drogen op twee manieren

Dried Herbs and their uses.  Awesome site.

All about herbs and spices . Discover the amazing world of herbs and spices.

Freezing Herb and Edible Flower Tips by DIY Ready at  http://diyready.com/herb-ice-cube-tutorial/

How to Make Herb Ice Cubes Tutorial

Learn how to freeze herbs in olive oil for long lasting flavor. Freezing herbs is a great way to preserve them. Freezing basil will keep it fresh, here's how

Lemon balm is an amazing herb that deserves a place in your garden and herbal remedy arsenal. Click to find out more or pin to save for later. | lemon balm uses | garden | medicinal plants | sleep tea | herbal remedies | natural remedies |

Uses for Lemon Balm ~ An Incredible Herb for Sleep & More

Lemon balm is my favorite herb for better sleep! This amazing plant deserves a place in your garden and herbal remedy arsenal.

handige tips om je tuinkruiden ook in de winter te kunnen bewaren

handige tips om je tuinkruiden ook in de winter te kunnen bewaren

Curry plant is a curious and interesting herb that should have a spot in your garden.

The Herb Gardener: How to Grow Curry Plant Helichrysum italicum ~ tender perennial

Jewelweed  or Touch-Me-Not: Nature's Anti-Itch Herb

Jewelweed Anti Itch Relief from the Woods

Herbs in the Wild. Picked my own last year at Whiskey Hollow here in NY and made Jewelweed oil . Jewelweed or Touch-Me-Not: Nature's Anti-Itch Herb

Green Goddess Emporium

Herb as medicine was just becoming popular back in the - But they were not called witches they were Grand-mother and Grand-daughters who kept the family traditions and stayed away from man made junk that is now killing Americans by the bus load every day.

Foraging for Yarrow: Nature's Medicine~ Rethink your weeds.  www.growforagecookferment.com

Foraging for Yarrow: Nature's Medicine

Foraging for Yarrow: Nature's Medicine~ Yarrow also improves circulation and digestion and is great for the reproductive system as it balances women’s monthly cycles. You do, however, want to avoid using it during pregnancy.

Herb infused honey (lavender, rosemary, sage,thyme, chamomile, lemon balm)

Whispering Earth // Herbal Infused Honeys - an excellent idea for the cold weather!

Cos’è la vitamina C

Diy vitamin c serum skincare talk. Vitamin C serves many purposes for the skin. First, it helps produce collagen in the skin; collagen is what makes our skin look young and keeps our skin

Calming herbs for anxiety when stress gets to be too hard to handle. Ideas for teacher wellbeing and stress management.  || Ideas, resources and activities for teaching GCSE English || Check out my blog www.gcse-english.com ||

Calming Herbs for Anxiety When Stress is Too Hard to Handle

Are you looking for natural anxiety treatment? Need stress relief naturally? Try these calming herbs for anxiety for improved mood and better relaxation.