Tribal Cross Tattoo, my girlfriend has this tattoo!

If there was ever a design that was popular around the world and well known, it would be the cross. Crosses serve as a symbolic design for Christianity, but it also has a variety of different meanings and variations. Men and women get the cross.

Getting tired of wearing a bunch of lower case "T" tattoos? Why not switch it up with this fancy tribal design cross? Nothing says I'm cool AND I support my religion like this swanky tat. Sheet Size:

Tribal Cross

Celtic Applique Patterns

Tribal Celtic Cross Pattern, love this but I would want to fix it up if I got something like this as a tat.

Ruby cross

Now that we have swiftly gone over the evils of search engines, you will need a batter way to locate that cross tattoo design, and if you are thinking about another style, this works for that also.

Like how it comes to a sharp point

Is cross tattoo design only for Christians? Is flowery tattoo only for women?