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Mara - the second youngest reaper and the only daughter of Death. She is a daddy's girl and always tries to impress him, sometimes biting off more than she can chew. She is a brilliant reaper. At times she is deceitful and plays games to achieve her best interest, but she is also quick-witted and playful. She is sometimes very lonely and takes lovers for comfort.

Death would be classed as dark as it is a bad thing, and death is usually a dark subject. This photo shows a girl with a skeleton on her face, signifying death.


This is considered a halloween costume but some of the design such as tge skull by the pelvis represents power, but the cloak and walking stick is simply fairytale costume. I choose it because it represents what everyone thinks of voodoo priestess



this picture is surreal because it is showing a teen loosing pieces from his face. This shows that he is either dying or falling apart. I choose this picture because it is the most satisfying and surreal one i could find. - Jorge Figueroa Block D.

18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions

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Skull turning into a butterfly. Finding inner beauty and strength. The dark ugly and the bright and beautiful. (Black&white on skull into vibrant orange and hues of yellow for the butterfly)

Sugar Skull ♥! Something like this painted on my pumpkin will be great.

Interest tattoo ideas and design - Drawing Of Alien Skull Tattoo Photo - If you want to make a tattoo, look how it looks from other people!