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Taemin (SHINee) & Kai (EXO) at the 2013 Melon Awards.

EXO Kai & SHINee Taemin This moment was just so touching!

“We all need some Taekai love nowadays  | #exo #kai #kimjongin #jongin #leetaemin #taemin #shineeworld #shinee #shawol #taekai #taekaiberry…”

“We all need some Taekai love nowadays

awn so sweet :3 #Tao's crying, poor babyy<3 #exo

My baby Tao crying and members console and hugging him ♡

SHINee Fotograf Albümü'nün 2. Kitabı~ #hayrankurgu Hayran Kurgu #amreading #books #wattpad

I was requested to write a taekai, with certain scenarios. I hope you guys can enjoy it (its taekai, so u better)


Taemin wants a girl like Kai + New TaeKai Interview

OnMin?  XiuNew?  Onew (SHINee) hanging out/playing with Xiumin (EXO).  My faves!  (Asstd. photos & .gifs).

EXO Xiumin, SHINee Onew and a Lady. I don't know what my two Biases are watching but doesn't Xiumin and Onew look glamorous:)

{taemin's face

and in the exactly moment this picture is on my compute screen, my mom walk into my room XD she was like "what is that?