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Fluoride - educate yourself

Prophecy- Starseed Bobs Perspective on Earth Changes and Our New Society: Fluoride Poisoning and Fluorosidic Acid , Fluoride Dangers,Fluoride Kills- Pineal Gland Calcification

Tesla and Jim Murrary

Let's hope that he lives long enough to do it! Energy companies and corrupt politicians like Hillary would not want this information out there!

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I told someone something similar to this a while ago. I hate folding laundry!

Different types of drugs and what they do to you/ Meth- stimulant/ Ecstasy- stimulant and mild hallucinogen/ LSD- hallucinogen/etc.

Drugs were always a no-no. There were other family members that did do drugs but we were always told to not do them because they were bad. So we did not talk about them because we were expected to just not do them.

That moment when someone else's kid make you thankful for how awesome your kind really is.

E-card: That moment when someone else's kid makes you thankful for how awesome your kid really is. (Don't need a reminder to know my kid is awesome though !