eco friendly kitchen storage solutions for healthy food

15 Best Food Storage Ideas Improving Modern Kitchen Design in Eco Style

Eco friendly food storage ideas and fresh produce storage solutions keep food nutritious for longer time, save energy and improve kitchen design by adding Green designs to modern homes

Modern Rectangular Kitchen Island Design

Una idea estupenda: una isla de cocina con nevera

Adorable 60 Clever & Clean Kitchen Storage Organization Ideas

60 Clever & Clean Kitchen Storage Organization Ideas

Brilliant use for deep kitchen drawers--plate storage that's neat and easy to reach!

There is no shortage of strange design choices people have to reconcile when planning out the storage of their belongings. This issue is most pronounced in kitchens, where funky layouts are practic…

So clever: Ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods

Ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions) new kitchen idea/I love this Idea. Something for the new house-kitchen

A charging station! Keep your electronics safe and save counter space!

Install a power strip in the back of a drawer and let your electronics recharge sight unseen. Just make sure the drawer is shorter than normal to allow room for the power strip’s cord in the LGB Interiors

Last week I showed you all some before & after photos of a recent project I designed.  Now that you've all got a sense of the significant la...

Cabinets_Corners_Lemans corner sliding drawer for hard to reach appliances. Note: Some corner units are not as practical as this one.



Something like this to house the kitchen aide mixer too. Pull-out utensil bin, right next to the stove, is a clever alternative to the traditional corner-cabinet lazy Susan.