Your very own fish tanm,, fine motor work..

Fish Craft ot-craft-ideas: I could also use this as a station. the students could search for a designated color or # of baby fish

Let's Talk!: Under the Sea Crafts

Through creating the crab art activity, students will be able to individually identify different sea animals, such as the crab. Students can also identify the different parts of a crab for a more in depth lesson

This website is great, because it gives so many great ideas for using recycled materials in the classroom. I found this one and thought of Katie because it is a jellyfish and it is made out of lid and bubble wrap. This would be a great activity to make during an under the sea lesson, animal activity or even a exciting decoration for your classroom.

This Bubble wrap Jelly Fish Mobile is fun and also a good lesson in recycling. Made from a plastic bottle and bubble wrap.    books, songs etc with under the sea and ocean themes

different sea life oriented snack themes, songs, etc.

Fire-breathing dragon craft- cute! Use tacky glue for best results

Fire-Breathing Dragon: Deep Breathing for Kids. Click through photo for instructions on how to make the dragon. Students blow through the hole and practice the deep breathing calming technique until the breathing slows and the dragon is calm.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Storytelling Tub - The Imagination Tree

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Storytelling Tub

Did you know doing reading activities with kids when reading a book will help them remember the story better? Here's one for The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Storytelling Tub from The Imagination Tree.

Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together: Everything SNOW! (Lots of FREEBIES!)

Print the cards. Have the children identify the number and put the corresponding number of "pasta snowflakes" on each card from Making Learning Fun , , , may try with honeycomb cereal to double up snack and math time!

Felt fish. Nice.

Fish Tumble Children use numeral identification skills and counting skills to put the numeral fish in order on the blue felt (the pond). I made these by writing numbers on foam fish from the craft store (you can use any type of foam shape).

Rainbow Fish

Montessori-Inspired Ocean Unit

15 TV-Free Activities for Kids: Snack necklaces, Clothespin spelling game, Goldfish Game

Fish in the Sea counting game out of an old egg carton, stickers/foam sea animals, and goldfish crackers.