Love this water feature

Water Feature/water channel waterfall by David England - I wonder if you can drill small holes in the channels for watering plants?

A Low Cost Water Feature.  You'd need... 4 to 6 pallet's, 1 water trough, 1"dia. x 8ft. long piece of copper or PVC pipe [to drill holes in], a recycling fountain pump, a garden hose or more pipe to hard plumb it in between your home and the fountain. Then install your landscaping material, sit back and enjoy.

15 DIY ideas for your garden decoration 15

Wood and Water In a Sacramento backyard redo, the Yard Crashers crew created this impressive water feature using reclaimed wood. Reclaim wood on south fence?

A beautiful entryway, and a great job of echoing the color and shape of the rock facing used on the house!

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