Meet A Modern-Day Master Of The Classic Neon Sign

Meet A Modern-Day Master Of The Classic Neon Sign

Fireflies in a mason jar Wall Art by Todd Sanders Artist: This is x metal and neon piece of art. The fireflies neon is animated.

Whale #typography

whale type, i love how the words make an image, i also like the colors and the font. very cool idea. Whales and beer?

Midwest Made #lettering

These inspiring examples of hand-lettering, will get you excited whether you’re into D.Y everything, just getting into hand-lettering (also check.

Quality typographic designs

Typography inspiration

Typography is a drug as weel as the love and today this is showing Rob Denis from Eindhoven, Netherlands. His work around the power of love is impressive and colourful.


Blow Up, one of my favorite films. But as cool as this type treatment is I don't really think it works as Blow Up is about the magnification of a negative, not something actually exploding, which is what the smoke seems to infer.

166 variations of the letter g by W. Bradford Paley

Font/type as design: Thin and wispy fonts like this are very artsy and they have potential for a really cool-looking spread. It looks like a sketch which gives the yearbook a unique look.