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Oh Hi! Were You Reading?

25 Rude Cats Who Don’t Care If You’re Busy, Is Hilariously Selfish.

Questi gatti non si preoccupano del vostro spazio personale. Sebbene alcuni proprietari ricorrano a rimproveri e grida, sanno bene che sono completamente

They have no clue at all what personal space is and you know the worst part? They don't even care about learning what personal space is.

Ma cosa mi dici mai??

kitty-sylvie: “telesilla: “awesome-picz: “Cats That Need Your Attention The Exact Moment You Start Reading ” Cats Against Literacy ” No letters for me. ” LOL Same as my kitty

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This cat so cool, he didn't restaurant coffee that sez something. Get me some grumpy cat coffee! I'm tired party catnip to hard last night.

Buona Giornata – MusicLoveSilence

Buona Giornata – MusicLoveSilence

Nerino e Mario sempre insieme... ma nulla è per sempre

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Meet Samson, the cat who has been declared the largest cat in New York City. Splurt Zillionz Samson is a Maine Coon cat who is 4 feet long and weighs 28 pounds. Splurt Zillionz Samson may weigh a lot,

Gatos que estão de "saco cheio" das brincadeiras e piadas dos seus donos | Tá Bonito

Gatos que estão de "saco cheio" das brincadeiras e piadas dos seus donos

Of The Word's Angriest Cats Ever Who Have Had Enough Of Your BS Looks like a vampire!




Gif animé Animaux Drôles

Gif Animaux Drôles

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