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Paluxy River...Glen Rose,Texas ~ human AND dinosaur footprints

Paluxy River in Glen Rose,Texas ~ fossilized human AND dinosaur footprints, side by side, as though one or the other was being stalked.

He's one of our favorite people: Our Curator of #Paleontology, Dr. Bob Bakker.

He's one of our favorite people: Our Curator of Paleontology, Dr.

Pteranodon (/tɨˈrænədɒn/; from Greek πτερόν ("wing") and ἀνόδων ("toothless")) is a genus of pterosaurs which included some of the largest known flying reptiles, with wingspans over 6 metres (20 ft).

Why There's No Such Thing as a Pterodactyl, and Other Interesting Facts: Pteranodon Was Much Bigger Than Pterodactylus

Preistoric park

Spinosaurus may be the larges Theropod to ever stalk the Prehistoric Americas and believed to be even larger than T-Rex. Recently (late it was determined to be the first and only known aquatic dinosaur.

GEO ExPro - From Dinosaur Tracks to Oil

Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, CO: see dinosaur tracks up close where they were left.

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Spinosaurus was the largest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived, as well as an accomplished swimmer. Here are 10 fascinating Spinosaurus facts.

Amargasaurus was small for a sauropod, reaching a mere 29 to 33 ft length…

Amargasaurus, a Sauropod dinosaur from the early Cretaceous Period (around 130 million years ago). Amargasaurus was small for a Sauropod and featured two rows of spines down its neck and back. Photo taken in Victoria Museum, Melbourne, Australia.


A lone Rinconsaurus caudamirus by Bernardo González Riga

Pterosaurs were the first vertebrates known to have been able to fly. Description from feenixx.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Dinosaur ( kinda the biggest ( bird LIKE creature / or bat like flying creature…

Why giant dinosaurs evolved fancy headwear | Cosmos

Why big dinosaurs had fancy headwear

Large Theropod dinosaurs [eg:Dilophosaurus] had bumps,knobs & crests on their heads light Homo sapiens

Allosaurus fragilis

Are you raising a future paleontologist? Then check out this list of the Best Places To See Dinosaur Fossils in Southern California!

At just under a meter, the claws of Therizinosaurus are among the largest recorded.

Therizinosaurus claw - Therizinosaurus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia