Couatl (from the D&D fifth edition Monster Manual). Art by Conceptopolis.

Couatil: Found in warm jungles, considered divine and seen with awe, VERY intelligent and use many spells and poisonous bite while fighting (Monster Manual

Pebbles by on @deviantART

Or rather, an alternative for Pebbles . There is a rock-type hero in the game (Heroes of Newerth) but he's a golem-like creature.

Concept art of creature concept for Guild Wars 2 by Kekai Kotaki

Guild Wars 2 - Creature concept by Kekai Kotaki. This is showing the viewer what the creature should look like and gives them something to work from.

Moster bird dragon by Devon Cady-Lee

Moster bird dragon by Devon Cady-Lee

tiger with horns wings . This drawing is amazing it looks like he is alive.

chimera cliff feathered_wings highres horns kekai_kotaki lying no_humans solo tail tiger white_tiger wings work_in_progress