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”I love the darkness in you,“ He said to Serafine, who was glaring at him.

واقعی بودن تازه در تاریکی شکل میگیرد... دقیقا همان زمان که هیچ کس را کنارت نمیپنداری... لمسش کن... طعم خودت را بچش

"Sometimes, the darkness is our best friend. For it is the shadows who swallow us when we do not wish to be found.

.-Usted se convierte en el monstruo que más temes son el monstruo que no se superará-.

"I was haunted by monsters from my past, so I became the monster I feared the most so the monster wouldn't overtake me. Darkness, anger, and fear itself. Don't tell me you've forgotten.

I know the light the darknes,the best , the worst of you but I just can't help it ❣

Unfortunately nobody loves the darkness, how can you love someone if you can't embrace their dark side. the vastness of you. and embracing even the darkness. No surface level shit.