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I just love that the "not sure if" meme features fry from futurama... Also this totally applies to me

Not sure if..

Funny pictures about Alcoholic Friends. Oh, and cool pics about Alcoholic Friends. Also, Alcoholic Friends photos.

Seriously though! I turn down the radio to make sure it's the song and not a police car or ambulance.

Hip-hop songs especially make us think twice when we're singing along on a long drive!



Futurama Fry- Not sure if I'm unphotogenic or just unattractive..

Not sure if I'm unphotogenic Or just unattractive - Futurama Fry - quickmeme

MEME - Not sure if - www.funny-pictures-blog.com

Stanley Schachter and Jerome E. Singer's "Two Factor Theory of Emotion"

Listen here you little shit! I love this girl she is definitely the future!

Listen here you little shit

Futurama Fry - Not sure if my paper actually makes sense Or I'm starting to believe my own bullshit

This has never been relevant in my life than right now, the early morning before a page paper on Modern poetry is due.

not sure if i lost the ability to socialize or if i dont give a shit about what people have to say

Not sure memes jokes meme lol comedy hilarious laughter humor laughs lmao funny memes

Intimidatingly attractive. That must be it.

Futurama Funny Memes- Bet you can relate to these: Pintrest Fry memes- Funny

I think I'm a modern slave too...

Everytime I have to work all night..