Fiddle-leaf fig tree

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Want to add some earthiness to your living space? Try a fiddle leaf fig tree. The care is super easy for those who may not have the greenest thumb.

OMG We Bought A House! Episode 8: The Living Room (Part 2)!

De dagen worden weer langer en we hunkeren naar meer licht en warmer weer. Het is tijd voor een frisse start, geef je over aan de kriebels om alles lekker te ordenen, ook in het interieur. Deze editie van Get the look inspireert met suggesties en beelden om de sfeer in huis te verjongen en luchtig te maken.

How to Grow Lotus Flower. Lotus flowers are beautiful aquatic plants that represent beauty and purity, and they are available in a range of sizes and colors. The most common colors are red, pink, yellow, and white. The plants can be grown.

HOUSE PLANTS 101 - Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, similar light needs as rubber plant

HOUSE PLANTS 101 - Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, similar light needs as rubber plant. I just brought one home, its lovely!

De 10 Interieur Must Haves van 2017 zijn... Bekijk ze hier alle 10 en doe inspiratie op voor jouw eigen interieur. Materialen, kleuren, meubels etc. in 2017

go green with house plants. Potted plants near a window including a fiddle leaf fig, ficus lyrata.

My mission tomorrow is to find a great fig leaf plant for in my house.

I'm currently in love with Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig trees). I want it desperately in my house, but sadly, they are toxic to dogs, so alas - no Fiddle Leaf for Ridgewood.


DIY planter from concrete or plaster. You need one large and one small plastic bowl, and a little plastic bottle cap to be the mold for a drainage hole at the bottom of your planter.